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Wave Splitter 2.10

A free cutting tool to create WAV samples without taking up all your RAM memory
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Wave Splitter is a free cutting tool that will allow you to split any WAV file without taking up any memory resources, regardless of the size of the source file. Its intuitive interface includes both a media player and a wave form graph, allowing you to select the starting and end points in an easy and interactive way. For higher accuracy, you can set the times of your cutting points in milliseconds.

Speed is one of Wave Splitter’s main assets. Instead of loading the source file into your RAM memory, this application relies mainly on your CPU resources and your system’s disks, reading and writing directly from and to the selected drive.

Its “Graphical View” allows for a high level of accuracy. The graph itself can be maximized to cover all your screen and its zoom-in functionality can show you wave fragments as tiny as a millisecond. Cutting points can be set either by clicking on the desired sections of the wave form graph, or by entering the corresponding numeric values. These values can be changed interactively by dragging the cutting points lines all along the graph, and the new samples can be previewed by using the media player included. You can also set the split points directly while listening to the source file.

Output files can be normalized on the fly.

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